Welcome to Oliver!

My name is Earl Johnson and I am the Executive Director of One Green Home at a Time foundation. It is our mission to combine physical home renovations with social activism throughout Baltimore City. I envision entire blocks of sustainable green homes, each a network of buildings interconnected by public green spaces — self-sufficient and safe neighborhoods where existing and new residents participate as equals to generate meaningful and environmentally conscious community cultures. I am simply a dedicated resident of the Oliver community committing my professional education and military experience as a US Army Ranger to help revitalize my neighborhood. I strongly believe in the power of community, friendship and volunteerism. It is through these three mediums that I believe a city can be made stronger. I am ready for the challenges that drugs, poverty, crime and despair have brought to my community. As a new home owner and resident, I will focus all my efforts and talent on defeating these elements and making a positive impact in Oliver where my wife and I have dug in and are prepared to stay until the mission is complete.

I refuse to allow the current state of the Oliver community to become the social norm. I do not applaud small victories. Instead, I use them to empower myself to push forward to complete victory, a community free of daily crime and blight. It has always been my goal to team up with an organization who sees Oliver as a community needing of help and worthy of support.  One Green Home works with organizations that do not give up, become stagnate, or except failure as an option. This is why we are supporting The 6th Branch’s “Operation: Oliver,” a combined effort with several veteran organizations and non-profits who see the potential of the Oliver community becoming a great place to live.  As a coalition we know we can help change Oliver and eliminate the blight that has temporally made Oliver its home. We challenge other organizations interested in doing measurable good to join us in the mission of saving one community at a time.

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