What the Heck Do You Do with Butternut Squash?!

“Butternut Squash?  I wouldn’t even know what do to with that!”

And that’s how it began.  Since last year, the Oliver Farm Stand has been an effective weapon in the war against healthy food deserts by providing the East Baltimore community with fresh fruit and produce from local farms and farmer’s markets.  There was just one problem: “A leek? Is that like celery?” Many of the farm stand patrons were not confident in their ability to correctly clean and prepare some of the produce available. T6B’s response? Free cooking demonstrations, of course! T6B volunteer (and my wife), Kim Culbertson and I began providing weekly cooking demonstrations that focused on the more “obscure” produce available in larger quantities at the farm stand.  Sponsored by the Baltimore Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, and armed with a few tools from our kitchen, fresh ingredients, and appearances by guest chefs, we surprised kids and grownups alike with tasty samples of easy, healthy, impromptu recipes.

Check out some pictures from this past summer:

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