To BMore, Do More

On January 20th, T6B will undertake, once again, the task of bringing together citizens from across Baltimore and Maryland to make the city a better place for its residents. This will mark T6B’s 3rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.

I have been privileged to witness this twice – in 2012 and 2013 – as The 6th Branch steadily found its voice, its following and its family.

In 2012, in frigid temperatures of around 40º, 125 people from the age of five and up came to the East Baltimore neighborhood of Oliver and with knitted hats, scarves and mittened fingers to remove trash from illegal dump sites. In 2013, nearly 300 volunteers came to Oliver’s North Bethel St. and did even more work as we pushed to make it a better place to live and to visit.

The importance of these events has little to do with the labor.

There’s an impact and it’s real, but it’s also bigger than the nearly 1,000 hands that have carried away trash and debris.

In celebrating the legacy of Dr. King, people from all walks of life come together as citizens to help their neighbors and in doing so, they recognize the power of unity. The economic brackets become irrelevant. Religion, race and ethnicity take a backseat. Places of origin become an interesting conversation – a way to bridge cultural gaps – and networking of the best kind takes the place of the mundane we may face from day to day.

The MLK, Jr. Day of Service isn’t “simply” amazing.

It is absolutely amazing.

It has become my favorite T6B event because it is a powerful testament to our collective inherent goodwill and our ability to face a challenge together as complete strangers. The networking, the conversations, the camaraderie and common cause of changing Baltimore for the better is such a positive experience, it refuels my motivation to keep pushing forward with thousands of other volunteers in this city who believe in its potential for renewal and revitalization.

During a day like the MLK, Jr. Day of Service, anything becomes possible.

There is time to plan for what you’ll be doing January 20, 2014. I strongly encourage everyone to consider taking the day off and join T6B for this event.  In the list of Baltimore’s ills, it may not be the cure, but it’s certainly part of the treatment.

I hope you’ll join us to BMore & Do More for the city and its future.

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