Dinosaurs Roam the Streets of Baltimore

On February 8, we acquired this beautiful Dino for the playspace in Oliver. A last minute message from friends let me know about a playground being decommissioned by the city. This Dinosaur climber was really too fabulous not to save from the scrap heap. We worked with amazing folks from the Department of Recreation and Parks to cut away, trailer and tie-down, transport and relocate this awesome guy. The next steps weren’t small: we needed to sleeve in and bolt extensions to the bottom of his feet, dig footers, mix concrete and install him in his final location, not to mention complete a fabulous new paint job. We needed 6” of play mulch under him to provide proper fall surface, and a clear space of about 30’ x 20’ to install him. Luckily we’ve got plenty of room to work with!   Teamwork from Rec and Parks and The 6th Branch made this rescue possible all within the space of 24 hours. Within minutes of installation, neighborhood kids arrived to test the Dinosaur climber out.

We call him Sparky.


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