Operation Oliver Kickoff 10.1.11

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Over 200 volunteers, many of whom are veterans, gathered at the corner of Bond & Hoffman on a brisk Saturday morning. A long list of partnering organizations were represented including Veteran Artist Program, One Green Home, Baltimore BORN, the Baltimore Center for Green Careers, Tree Baltimore, the Pat TIllman Foundation, Baltimore Love Project, Amplify Baltimore, the Towson University Veterans Center, Coppin State University’s Student Volunteer Corps, and Rebuilding Together Baltimore. Stevenon University comprised more than a quarter of the manpower bringing 57 students. Other students from Towson University, Loyola University Maryland, and UMBC were there as well.

In about four hours, 30 trees were planted, an abundance of invasive plants were removed, 8 weedeaters destoyed overgrown weeds, 2 roll-off dumpsters worth of garbage were collected, and a new mural was painted consistent with the color scheme of the one painted on July 11th for the Pat Tillman Legacy Summitt’s Day of Service. The Pentagon Channel began filming a documentary on the concept of the Veteran Sponsored Community. Afterward, volunteers met at sponsoring veteran-owned restaurant The Americana in Canton where free drinks and food were provided.

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