Bethel Street Garden 6.30.12

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We went into the day with a great plan of attack for the day’s service project, but like all great plans, ours didn’t last too long once we left “the wire.”  A freak windstorm had struck the region overnight, and when we gathered in the morning we were forced to adjust fire: As was the case for the rest of Baltimore, massive trees were laid out all over the roads in Oliver, blocking traffic and creating a general commotion in the streets.  The 6th Branch went to work, clearing branches, cutting up tree trunks, and clearing the way for our neighbors to go about their days as planned.  We did, however, still manage to get our work done in the Bethel St. Garden.  All told OpOliver 6.30.12 was a complete success: Our goal was to enjoy a fulfilling day of community service with friends, and we did just that.  Thanks as always to everyone who came out to be a part of Operation Oliver!

Bethel Street Garden

1500 N. Bethel Street, Baltimore, MD 21213

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