VAP & One Green Home 10.22.11

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On October 22nd, Operation Oliver continued the efforts from previous projects and moved forward with the revitalization of two major green spaces in the middle of Oliver. The 6th Branch was joined by our usual partners Veteran Artist Program & One Green Home. Much of the manpower for the day was provided by Towson University students, including the Towson Veterans Center, one of our ongoing partners. In four hours, volunteers cut down several dead trees and one very large tree whose root system was beginning to displace the concrete of a park that we are rebuilding. Volunteers with weedwackers and rakes cleared out an area and others began planting the trees and flowers in our first section of what is to be an enormous garden. Painting began on both curbs and concrete tree potters in the park. Residents and local business owners of Oliver pitched in and two green spaces that used to be overgrown trash dump sites, started to look  a little more like the beautiful recreational areas that they will become.

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