MLK Day of Service 1.16.12

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On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2012, The 6th Branch, Come Home Baltimore & Veteran Program were joined by more than 140 volunteers comprised of student groups, nonprofit organizations, business volunteer groups, and individuals. Stevenson University & UMBC continue becoming pivotal parts of Operation Oliver, as well as the Tillman Military Scholars of the Pat Tillman Foundation. New partners The Society for Girls, Team Rubicon, and Love Jones were on hand, as well as a group from Constellation Energy. Amplify Baltimore was there, and we were pleasantly surprised by donated snacks from Whole Foods Mt. Washington. In less than three hours, two 40-yard dumpsters worth of garbage were removed from streets & alleyways. We even collected a bottle full of heroine needles and transported them to Johns Hopkins Hospital for safe disposal in a sharps box.

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