Buffalo State College 3.19.12

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On March 19th, students from Buffalo State College, joined us to take part in Operation Oliver. They viewed the Pentagon Channel’s documentary and received a tour of the neighborhood in the morning, and after a quick lunch, got right to work.  Our group removed 20 cubic yards of trash from Mr. Dave’s house on Lanvale St. in order to return it to a semblance of decency. Mr. Dave is an 86 year-old former Master Mason who has for years been unable to maintain his residence.  Removal of this garbage was of paramount importance for the city to be able to go ahead with weatherization services and move forward with the necessary repairs that will return Mr. Dave’s home to an habitable state.

On March 22nd, Buff State’s Alternative Spring Break group joined us again for a day jam-packed full of activities. In the morning, we continued general clean-up operations in the neighborhood and continued helping a local business owner improve the appearance of her store by painting the trim of her exterior walls. In the afternoon, we had the pleasure of taking a guided tour of the Great Blacks in Wax museum where we learned an incredible amount about African-American history. We topped the night off with a viewing party at The Americana of the Operation Oliver documentary “Raising Oliver” produced by the Pentagon Channel.

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