Eco-Hustle 4.14.12

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Black is the New Green’s “Eco-Hustle”

On April 14, 2012 The 6th Branch and Come Home Baltimore lent a hand to our board member Diva 0 and her organization Black is the New Green, for the first-annual BNG Eco-Hustle. This Amazing Race-styled event led participating teams across the city, completing challenges tailored to raise their eco-consciousness and that of those around them.  At the OpOliver station, participants learned about our efforts to revitalize Oliver, planted street trees, and identified the green features being incorporated into the construction of Come Home Baltimore’s new homes.  Lots of fun was had by all and everyone came away just a little bit greener!  Congratulations to Team We Leave Big Footprints for their first-place finish, and an even bigger congrats to Black is the New Green on a successful first-annual event!

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