A Weekend of Service 5.15.10

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  • War Monument Cleanup Weekend_4636125579_l
  • War Monument Cleanup Weekend_4636125921_l
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  • War Monument Cleanup Weekend_4636732616_l
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  • War Monument Cleanup Weekend_4636735002_l
  • War Monument Cleanup Weekend_4636735520_l
  • War Monument Cleanup Weekend_4636735990_l
  • War Monument Cleanup Weekend_4636736920_l
  • War Monument Cleanup Weekend_4636738428_l
  • World War II Memorial Cleanup_4636130045_l

On May 15 and 16, 2010, the Sixth Branch participated in two monument clean-ups in service to our veteran forefathers. Branch members gathered together early on Saturday morning at Gwynn’s Falls Park in Baltimore, Maryland to refurbish a monument dedicated to those from Baltimore who served in World War II. With just some mulch, flowers, gardening tools and basic stone cleaner, the members were able to beautify a stone obelisk damaged by graffiti and neglected by the public.Then, the they traveled to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to do work on the D.C. War Monument, also known as the city’s World War I monument. The project was led by Rebekah Wilson, a U.S. Army veteran and volunteer for the World War I Memorial Foundation. Rebekah and her team led the charge on beautifying the monument, After the cleaning was done, the group laid a ring of flowers around the monument, creating a truly beautiful display in memory of our comrades from the Great War.

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