Johnston Square

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Partnering with Rebuild Johnston Square and fellow community members, T6B has created and maintained four acres of community green space in Johnston Square. At the site of the forthcoming St. Frances Academy sports complex and community park, we work weekly to clear debris and improve the land. Through our partnership with Johnston Square Elementary School, we have painted bathrooms, hallways, and the school’s auditorium, as well as set up a new volunteer advisory board for the school. T6B was proud to attend the grand re-opening of Ambrose Kennedy Park last year, capping five years of hard work at the site with our partner Re-Build Johnston Square. The weeds were up to our program manager’s chest when we started working with Re-Build Johnston Square to improve Ambrose Kennedy Park in 2013. A visit to the brand new park will show you how far it’s come. T6B will continue its special maintenance support to the park in its new and improved state.

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