Operation Oliver

Operation Oliver is an indefinite commitment to the Oliver neighborhood of Baltimore City, an area formerly known for vacant homes, poverty, and crime. Through local partnerships, The 6th Branch is creating a national model of a Veteran Sponsored Community (VSC), utilizing the military experience and veteran skill set to address needs here at home.

Revitalize Oliver through aggressive act-now initiatives and strategic community partnerships.

How it started: 
On July 11, 2011, The 6th Branch organized and led a multi-organizational project of over 200 volunteers from around the country, including over 100 veterans, as part of the Pat Tillman Foundation’s annual Legacy Summit Day of Service. Following this event, The 6th Branch and Come Home Baltimore announced a long-term partnership and long-term commitment to service in Oliver.

What has been accomplished:
75 tons of garbage and debris has been removed from streets and alleyways ♦ Children have been given service learning and other special opportunities ♦ Three large murals have been painted ♦ Three green lots have been adopted from Baltimore City and more than 100 trees and shrubs have been planted ♦ Forests of weeds have been knocked back. ♦ Residents have been enrolled in job retraining or certification programs ♦ Daily walk-arounds result in reports to the city using the 311 mobile app ♦ Residents’ homes have been cleared of dangerous debris ♦ New homeowners and renters have  taken up residency in Oliver. ♦ Nearly 2,500 volunteers from nearly every Baltimore area university along with many other veteran organizations have been mobilized ♦ A 5k run through the neighborhood ♦ Coverage by nearly every major media outlet inlcuding ABC World News