TriFreaks Kirkland Triathlon for Team Tillman

On September 30th 2012, The 6th Branch’s founder and current Board Chairman, Rich Blake, is competing in the TriFreaks Kirkland Triathlon in Kirkland, Washington.  His goal is to raise $1,500.00 for our close partner, the Pat Tillman Foundation.  Read below about Rich’s motivation to serve and to raise money for this outstanding organization, then click on the “Team Tillman” button at the bottom to donate and learn more!

“I became a Tillman Military Scholar in 2008, the innaugural year of the program launched by the Pat Tillman Foundation. What I thought was going to simply be a scholarship turned out to be a life changing call to action. Through the program’s encouragement to become a civic leader and continue service to community, I was able to connect with other scholars and found The 6th branch, a nonprofit that utilizes the skills of vets to execute aggressive community service initiatives. The 6th Branch’s current initiative, Operation Oliver, was spawned out of the Pat Tillman Foundation’s annual day of service that occurs in conjunction with the Pat Tillman Legacy Summit. Through the financial support of the scholarship, I was able to return to active duty as a psychology intern and now I am one year away from my doctoral degree. Your support can help another veteran reach their academic goals while at the same time calling on them to continue serving in some capacity. I hope you’ll help me in my efforts to raise $1500 as I attempt to compete in my first sprint distance triathalon.”

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