Our Beloved Community

As you may know by now, The 6th Branch’s signature event occurs on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the momentum from that day of service carries us forward all year. This year’s day of service focused on rejuvenating Ambrose Kennedy Park in the Johnston Square community, our first major project outside of the Oliver neighborhood. Our commitment to Oliver is unwavering, but we now understand how important adjacent areas are to the overall mission. Dr. King spoke of the “Beloved Community,” and said that “when we work to remedy one evil, we affect all evils.” There are so many evils that plague our communities and T6B cannot tackle them all. But, it is clear that our focus on transforming the physical spaces in East Baltimore into vibrant recreation areas, urban farms, and other assets for the community has a ripple effect. Momentum builds.

As our mission grows, so does our need for support. We are still a young organization and very much reliant on the beloved community we strive so hard to serve. Bit by bit, we are helping our neighbors, bringing people together, and trying each day to live up to the ideals of Dr. King. This year, as we continue to enhance the Bethel Street Playscape & Garden, erect the new Bethel Street Bike Park, continue implementing the Oliver Farm, and transform Ambrose Kennedy Park, we ask again for your help. If you can give, give. If you can volunteer, volunteer. Together, we can continue to battle the evils that threaten our beloved community.

To help move our mission forward, we’re asking for partners. We realize you may already be counted among our number. If you’re new to our work, welcome. If you’re returning, you know how we roll. A little goes a long way when volunteers make up 99% of your work. Help us make the most out of our efforts and help be part of the city we all want to live in.

Five dollars puts another shovel in a volunteer’s hand. Fifty dollars adds another wheel barrel to the mix. It costs us $500 every time we rent a roll-off dumpster, and we do that a lot. We have an ongoing need for materials such as soil and seeds for the farm, paint for the play areas, and rentals for the bike park. You can see how it adds up, and that doesn’t include operating costs of a young growing organization.

Together we can make it happen. 

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