Meg’s Labor of Love: 50 Miles for T6B

On 4.21.12, one of our loyal supporters Meg Harnett ran & WON the Labor of Love 50 Mile Ultramarathon in the Nevada desert to raise money for The 6th Branch. Find out more about Meg and her reasons for supporting The 6th Branch below!

“I am Running this 50 mile race for The 6th Branch because the heart of the organization is pure. The work they have done and continue to do is profound and deserves recognition and support. Within a few hours of working with The 6th Branch it was more than apparent that the goals they have for the community are often limited by financial resources. Why me? Why this? I am Recovered from my Eating Disorder, a struggle that my friends and family will attest to, was a very long, hard fight. I was granted all the support, love and even finances necessary to change my life. I was very lucky and I am thankful every day. It is my honest intention to be able to spread this support and love to as many others as possible. Change is Possible. Lastly, with endless gratitude to our Veterans for the freedoms that they fight to maintain, I feel that supporting The 6th Branch is a perfect way for me to say Thank You. Thank You to all those that gave me my life back….Thank you for helping me to see how limitless one life can be. I have never ventured beyond the 26.2 mile marker and I feel a great deal of excitement and even fear for this Run. But I have faith in myself and in those who support me that I can and Will Complete my First Ultra marathon of 50 miles on April 21, 2012. “TYAAGAT SHAANTIR ANANTARAM””

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