Holiday Trek for Bernard Harris Elementary

On Christmas Day, our Board Chairman Rich Blake embarked on a physically and mentally challenging adventure to raise money for Dr. Bernard Harris Elementary school in Oliver.  Oliver is a neighborhood in East Baltimore where The 6th Branch and many other partnering nonprofit organizations have been working toward complete revitalization from a once dire condition. The 6th Branch is a nonprofit that that utilizes the skills of veterans to execute aggressive community service initiatives.

So, before sunrise on December 25, 2012 Rich left Dupont, Washington on his mountain bike completing a 16 mile loop. He then threw his kayak and gear on his back and ran 3 miles to the Puget Sound. He paddled through the Nisqually Reach completely around Anderson Island. He paddled just south of Ketron Island and landed back on mainland at Solo Point. There he deflated the kayak, threw the gear on his back again and ran 4 miles back to the start point. His journey totalled 16 miles of cycling, 15 miles of paddling, and 7 miles of ruck-running with about 60lbs of gear.

To add a challenging twist, he fasted during his adventure. No food. No water. With your help, we raised $2,500 for technology and recreational equipment to enhance learning for kids in Oliver.

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