A Community in Baltimore gets a Big Hug

Is it possible to throw your arms around a neighborhood and give it a hug?

Absolutely. It’s exactly what The 6th Branch is doing with Operation Oliver.

Since July 2011, T6B has been revitalizing the Oliver Community. Where others saw vacant homes, poverty, and crime, The 6th Branch saw families, history, and hidden potential. Bringing a veteran skill set, they took action.

55 tons of trash was removed in the first 6 months. The playground at Dr. Bernard Harris Sr. Elementary School was rebuilt. Two large murals painted. Community gardens were unveiled and replanted. That’s just the start.

Hundreds of volunteers come to Oliver to lend a hand and lift a community. Local residents receive personal care, like Ms. Lawson, whose basement was cleaned out so she could drastically reduce her energy bill through the City’s weatherization program.  T6B mentors students and works closely with administrators at the local elementary school. 5k races route through the neighborhood to raise awareness. This is a grizzly bear of a hug.

With roughly 25 clean-ups to date, each costs $800 to provide the necessary equipment, dumpsters, gloves and other supplies.  In addition to community education, T6B will purchase neighborhood trash cans to sustain the cleanups and create self-sufficiency.  We can help The 6th Branch and their army of volunteers clean up (and lift up) the Oliver Community.

How can you help?

You may have visited the Oliver community in the past year, joining The 6th Branch in their efforts.  Every cleanup costs $800.00 to secure the necessary equipment to continue to improve the physical and social environment in Oliver.  T6B will also purchase permanent neighborhood trash cans to help educate and sustain the cleanups and keep it that way long after the day is over.  Your gift will fund continued support & cleanups.

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