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My Story of Service

by Ryan Stroup Being part of a community has always been important to me.  I always find myself drawn to simpler times, of the 1950’s or the Old West, when everyone did their part and worked together to make the place they lived a great place.  A town where you walk down the street and everyone...
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My Journey of Service

I enlisted in the US military out of high school for just one reason; I wanted to serve.  I wasn’t particularly drawn to the flashy uniforms, or the promise of travel to far-away lands, or money for college.  Not to say that those things didn’t sweeten the deal, but the initial motivation was a simple...
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Let us Lead

I am confident that many entities, Baltimore City being one of them, could benefit tremendously from engaging their local veterans, learning from their experiences, and utilizing their leadership. The underutilization of veteran leadership is especially true for Iraq and Afghanistan-era vets. Thanking us for our service and advocating on our behalf are well-intended gestures which...
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The Wall

In the early 70s, Congress decided (at last) that it wasn't fair that middle class draft age men could opt out of fighting in Vietnam by...get this...going to college. While I myself headed immediately to college from high school for the love of learning alone, it was hard not to see the unfairness of leaving...
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