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The Importance of Community Art

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As you all know by now, the Veteran Artist Program has been involved in Operation: Oliver since the inception of the project and represents an important tangible asset to the Oliver neighborhood in the work that we are doing both in creating green spaces and painting murals.  The whole idea of community art is something that we take for granted.  I would venture to say that most of us live in nice neighborhoods where manicured lawns, driveways, and houses are in good condition and the community is filled with families who have the resources to not only keep their individual homes looking great but can prop up the community by planting flowers, building playgrounds, and even creating public art for everyone to enjoy.

VAP’s focus in Oliver is to empower the community by creating physical pockets of hope and change highlighted by murals, new gardens, and open green spaces.  As residents see a wall on the side of a building or home turn into a canvas that can communitcate their hope and dreams, the neighborhood comes alive, people step outside their homes, and a renewed sense of ownership and pride takes hold in a community that is perpetually underserved…until now!

The Veteran Artist Program, The 6th Branch, and Come Home Baltimore, along with dozens of partner organizations, are committed to not only making change in Oliver, but empowering the Oliver resident with tools, resources, and vision needed to create a sustainable community.

Check out Give Corps for our latest mural project and contribute what you can.  We need to raise an additional $700 for a total of $2000 to paint our 3rd mural in this great neighborhood!